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Naturally GiftedNY's selection of healing salts are derived from a love of all things beautiful and natural. Our devout love of holistic living helped develop this handmade bath and body care concept to be the gift of luxury that evokes the holistic aspect of mind, body and spirit connection. 

Is there anything that feels more luxurious than slipping into a warm bath?

Take a me-time recharge at the end of the day with a soothing salt soak.
An aromatherapeutic blend of Dead Sea salts, feel-good minerals and essential oil fragrances - many certified organic - melt with the warm water
to quiet your mind, detoxify and repair skin and comfort aching joints. So divine...
Natural Aromatherapy to Create LUXURIOUS SPA EXPERIENCE

Choose from our newest additions which are:

Tranquility - Feel the healing benefits of Epsom Salt and Sea Salt as the divine scents of rose and lavender surround you to ease anxiety and nervous tension.

Uplift - Soothe frayed nerves and sore muscles with the soothing and grounding scents of Coconut and Basil.

Refresh - With Epsom Salts to soothe sore muscles and Juniper & Grapefruit with muscle releasing Eucalyptus.

Renew - A natural way to help your largest organ (the skin) begin the process of cleansing and renewal! Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Salts with
Rose to draw impurities from your skin while you soak in a relaxing bath.

Revive - Penetrating Eucalyptus and Peppermint make this the perfect solution for congestion.
This blend opens the sinuses, and lifts the spirits along with Himalayan Pink Salts which provide vital minerals and ions that open the sinuses.

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